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Work Hard, Play hard with the ultimate focus drink

NERD™ is the original Focus Energy Drink

While others were relying on highly-caffeinated energy drinks and other potentially dangerous substances to increase mental focus and stamina - NERD is packed with Vitamin B2, B3, B6 and B12 for long lasting energy and concentration.


NERD™ is unique formulate stands out from other mental focus drinks on the marketing. Its infused with powerful NOOTROPICS + ADAPTOGENS giving you the edge you need.


How Might Nootropics Help College Students?

Nootropics may help college students in potentially innumerable ways, considering the diversity of both nootropic benefits and student cognitive demands. What one nootropic does for one student may not achieve the same effect with another.

Nootropics may alleviate those concerns by promoting the following:

Memory Consolidation

Stress Reduction

Attention Enhancement

The Academic Benefits of Nootropics

The only way to get the good grades is to study. There's no short-cut around that. Yet, even the most avid students falter, especially when the course load piles up. But that road may certainly become easier by focusing on the above brain bio-pathways: Cholinergic Status, Stress Reduction, and Catecholamine Levels.

Optimizing these cognitive pathways may lead to better:

Focus - the ability to truly watch and listen amidst distractions or boredom.

Memory - the process from learning to recalling new information.

Energy - even mental hard work requires an efficient fuel reserve system.

Mood - a positive attitude does open doors, academic and otherwise.

Motivation - the potential of a healthy mind is achieved by motivation.

But not one nootropic may deliver on all of these benefits. For best results, it's key for college students to adopt a diverse nootropic stack -- a multi-ingredient strategy for a synergy of nootropic results. And, of course, to stack only high quality, effective nootropics - like NERD FOCUS