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Cramming at Night or Crashing During the Day? It's NERD Focus Time!

"I formulated NERD Focus Beverage to help me study, focus and stay mentally alert in class. It worked for me and now my vision is to share NERD Focus with college students everywhere and anyone else who needs to "Focus" and increase mental acuity" -CEO/Founder Vin Montes

NERD Focus: Voted Best Tasting by College Students!

It is Amazing! College students everywhere have discovered NERD Focus and NOW you can too! Whether up late cramming for exams, serving in the military, competitive gaming, or just trying to make it through the day, NERD Focus will take you to the next level!

The Daily NERD:

Reviews from NERD Focus Lovers

  • This is the best drink ever, I found it at HEB samples and fell in love! I recommend this to every one! I like the green better than the blue, though. -DM
  • This is no doubt one of my favorite (energy) drinks. It's taste isn't too overpowering or too bland. Unlike other drinks like Monster, it doesn't have an unpleasant thickness to it. On top of it tasting great they are also an awesome company. When it comes to the energy part of the drink, I definitely noticed a mental focus boost. From competitive gaming to work, I felt energized after drinking one. -TS
  • As an avid consumer of (Energy Drinks), this one takes the cake. Even better now that its fulfilled by Amazon so it doesn't take as long to get a resupply! It has a fantastic taste, I've yet to introduce it to anyone that hasn't at least liked it, most of whom LOVE it. It is also one of the only ones that I can drink a good amount, feel the effect, but not have the jittery side effect. Good stuff. -D
  • Typically, when I think of drinks that give you energy, I think of a bitter taste and a little energy. Energy isn't all you need to keep up with studying. This drink, I've found, has actually helped me focus in class. I've tried red bull, monster, and Amp to pay attention in class. They don't work. They keep me awake, but the focus is completely gone. With NERD, I've had just enough energy to keep me awake and find myself more able to focus in my law school courses, also allowing me to retain more information. This is extremely important in my situation where I am in law school - one final exam is our entire grade... Anyways, I've been drinking NERD since 2007 or 2008 when I was at UTSA, where the creator of NERD created NERD. I continue to order online while I go to school in Boston at one of the top schools in the country. Disclosure: I do not work for NERD, nor do I know the creator or any of the employees of NERD. -CL
  • Normally I only drink sugar-free energy drinks, but with Nerd I make an exception. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this drink. It's SO yummy! I get so excited when I find it. My school doesn't sell it anymore but sometimes the gas stations around campus have it. It needs to be popular ALL OVER! -SW
  • Best tasting drink I've ever had, and yes I mean drink not just energy drink. Effect is nice and I do typically feel more focused when gaming or hanging out with friends. The caffeine effect doesn't make me feel jittery or make my heart race. It is a very refreshing and noticeable energy boost without being overpowering or underwhelming. Favorite beverage in the world and highly recommend it to anyone. A staple for any LAN parties or nights out. Since I've been drinking Nerd Focus I can't even remember the last time I had a Red Bull or Bawls. -PW
  • This drink ALWAYS makes for a productive day. Whether it's studying for my certification or making it through work. It's simply amazing. -JN
  • I love the taste of this beverage and apparently so does everyone else because it is hard to keep on the shelf. So I ordered online and it took 4 days with being a Prime Member. Nerd is considered a grocery item so the best that can done is offer free shipping with Prime. -LD
  • The only place I have found this, in Texas. I have tried every energy on the market and this is the only one that works for me. -MN
  • I have only tried the green can. Taste/smell- This is going to sound silly but it smells like gummy bears and tastes like a mix between gummy bears and nerd candies. sharp sweet taste with just the right amount of tartness that is delicious until the can is done. Focus- Feels like a mix between the high energy of Red bull and the endurance energy from 5-Hour. Crash is very soft, really didn't notice it. Look- unique looking, stands out when looking at the energy drink section. This is great, my buddies raved about this thing for a couple weeks before I gave it a try and I felt compelled to write a review for it which I never do for really anything. That's how good this shit is, now go get some. -DR
  • This drink certainly has it in spades. We were introduced to NERD when we were in Texas (the creators are from my alma mater!) and rather put out when we moved to Seattle and realized it was nowhere to be found. Then I discovered it on Amazon, for a great price, and ordered some. Fully restocked, and fully caffeinated, we use this when we're pulling an all-nighter and don't want to brew some coffee. There isn't the usual sugar-crash you find with a lot of energy drinks, and it's a pleasant, clear, non-jittery energy boost. It tastes kind of like Mt. Dew, but a touch sweeter. It's hard to describe, but if you like your drinks sweet, well you'll definitely like this! NERD was the drink that got me through an 18 hour road trip without having to sleep. Good stuff! -SN
  • Best stuff I've ever used in this type of Energy - Health additive drink... I'm addicted! Great help - Great Taste - And NO Crash! -RL
  • Always arrives on time, Nerd focus always delivers that boost of concentration and energy to get me by. Love this product. -B
  • I have been a huge fan of energy drinks for several years now; personally I would prefer an energy drink to coffee any day. But as the popularity of energy drinks has exploded many brands have entered the market that have somehow missed the point entirely and offer nothing more than syrupy non carbonated sodas. But NERD on the other hand is an energy drink with a purpose... and it works! the supplements in this drink are proven nootropics that really can give you an edge whether it be at work school or play. not only that but it tastes fantastic! It is no wonder that the popularity of NERD has spread to college campuses around the nation, unfortunately NERD is not widely available, especially off campus. even still this is a great price for a great product on amazon and definitely worth a try. -AC
  • Loved everything about it, and recommend it to everyone I know. Its the best tasting drink for energy and focus. -ZE

Check Us Out:

Thirsty Dudes Review

John Goodman is a man amongst men. I have never seen him in a role that I didn’t absolutely love. Keep in mind that I don’t think I’ve seen anything he’s done since the early 2000′s. He may be the most famous for his roles as Dan Conner and Walter Sobchak (which are both incredible), but for my money there is never a better moment of him on the silver screen than when he states “You just got your asses whipped by a bunch of goddamn nerds…..NERDS!” I think that might be the most commonly said phrase by Editor Dan. Incredible. It’s because of that speech that I told the other Thirsty Dudes that I was going to review this drink.

The NERD company stresses that their product is not just an energy drink, it is also a focus drink. On top of your normal energy drink chemical ingredients it also has Vinpocetine, Huperzine-A, Chinese Ginkgo Biloba and DMAE in it, which are cognitive enhancers. I drank this can before I went to band practice today, and I wasn’t even thinking about the focus part until I just sat down to write this. I think it actually really works. In hindsight I feel like I was way more focused on what I was playing. So it’s got that going for it.

Now on to the fun stuff. As a scientist I can assure you that it is a scientific fact that most energy drinks taste like various melted down types of candy. It’s something that I both hate and love about them. Now I know what you’re thinking, and yes your dreams have come true. This does in fact remind me of liquified Nerds candy. It may be a psychosomatic thing, but I had my ladyfriend try it and she also confirmed it. This is one tasty, tasty energy/focus drink. It’s one of the best energy based drinks I’ve ever tasted. Also the company wants to be known as a study aid and avoids being associated with anything extreme or bar/club events. To quote them “Basically, if you want to study drink NERD, if you want party drink a Red Bull. ” That is something I can get behind. Hopefully this will get the popularity it deserves. Like the company told us

Now in the eyes of your father, your maker and your coach: go get some NERD!


Country: United States

Sweetener: High Fructose Corn Syrup

Categories: Energy Drink, Other/Weird

Rating: 5/5

Reviewed By: Jason Draper

NERD Focus Beverage Donates $10,000 To Students


On January 29th, 2011, NERD Focus Beverage donated $10,000 to students at the University of Texas in San Antonio.  The CITE, Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship, asked UTSA alumni, Vin Montes, to be the keynote speaker at the Jackson Walker Technology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp.  Montes spoke about identifying a niche market, building and marketing a brand, raising capital, organizing a business, and executing ideas. At the end of his speech, Montes presented the $10,000 check to Dr. Agrawal, the Dean of the Engineering department, and to Dr. DeLa Vina, the Dean of Business Development.  “I formulated NERD to help me study so I could get into medical school, and I did.  Now I want NERD to help college students accomplish their educational goals,” said CEO/Founder Montes.


The Jackson Walker Technology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp was held on January 29th, 2011.  The camp is an all day intensive crash course aimed to help entrepreneurs.  It focuses on technology entrepreneurship issues like identifying an opportunity, securing start-up funds and organizing a new business, business planning and pitching, protecting intellectual property, and marketing an innovative idea.

NERD Focus Beverage was specifically formulated by Vin Montes his senior year at the University of Texas in San Antonio.  He made the beverage to help him focus and stay awake while he studied so he could get into medical school.  NERD’s formula proved successful, he was accepted to medical school a year later.   NERD contains a 250mg focus and memory formula.  The focus and memory ingredients include Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, DMAE, and Chinese Ginkgo Biloba.  Please visit for more details.

College Students Demand For NERD Focus Beverage Prevailed Over Million Dollar Beverage Contracts

Sorority NERD

Most large colleges and universities have contracts worth millions of dollars with large beverage manufacturers. What this means is that no independent beverage company can sell their beverages on campus.!

Seven college campuses ranging in size from 8K-30K students re-negotiated their beverage contracts this year. Due to college students demand for NERD “focus” beverage, these colleges have negotiated for NERD to be allowed to be sold on their

campuses. ! “I hate that I have to go off campus to purchase NERD,” says SAC College student, April Fox. “I study on campus a lot, and it’d be so much easier if I could just buy NERD here”- says UT student, Chris M “It’s our school. We pay to go here. Why can’t they sell a beverage that WE want?” says UTSA student, Stephanie L. “NERD is sold on other campuses, why not ours?” says Brooke M. Due to support like this, NERD is under going some major developments in the college market.!

“I would like to thank the students for voicing their demands and I will like for them to know NERD is here to assist them in their academic pursuit. NERD now needs to focus on the right distribution channel to supply the colleges.” said Vin Montes CEO/Founder.!

NERD focus beverage was created by a University of Texas (UTSA) college student Vin Montes in order to help him focus and stay awake while studying late nights at the library. The beverage proved successful when he was later accepted into medical school. Before attending medical school Montes began selling NERD from the back of his pickup truck to local convenience stores and around campus in order to supply the demand NERD had created. Montes was granted an indefinite leave of absence after his first year of medical school in order to serve as NERD’s CEO. “I created NERD to help me get to a higher level of education, I plan to share NERD with all college students in order for NERD to help them as it did me” said Montes. NERD Beverage has opened a “focus” category within the beverage industry. NERD’s formula contains four effective focus/memory enhancers (Vinpocetine, Huperzine A,

DMAE, and Chinese Ginkgo Biloba) mixed with a strong energy blend. NERD Beverage Corp. was founded in San Antonio, TX in 2006, please visit for details

Study Hacks: Focus in a Can

If it exists, I’ve tried it. Cramming for exams, pulling all nighters and long group projects are impossible to survive without a little “assistance”. Some students choose food to keep them focused, other choose caffeine. But as all college students know, there is an elite group of drinks dedicated to giving you the boost you need to focus on anything.

However, not all energy drinks are created equal. In fact, the new drink I stumbled upon isn’t even considered an “energy drink”. It’s an energy beverage. Before I reveal my new favorite study drink, I wanted to see what other students use.

I asked the readers of CampusByte for their input on what kind of things they used while studying. I was actually surprised by some of the answers. The readers of CampusByte must be a rowdy bunch – here are some of the answers I received when I asked the question:

“I’m writing a new post for CampusByte on Wednesday. I need some feedback. What are your favorite study drugs/ drinks/ foods?”

  • Stevie wrote: “Adderall/redbull/sex”
  • Joyce wrote: “Chocolate Milk”
  • David wrote: “Mountain Dew mixed with Red Bull with a drop shot of 5 Hour Energy”
  • @CollegeThrive wrote: “Green Tea”
  • @astroneat wrote: “sun salutations and cold showers”
  • @btw_mj wrote “Slurpees”

To be honest, I rarely use energy drinks when I study now because most are just short energy spikes to get you though an assignment. Afterwards you always crash and end up feeling horrible. However, I recently stumbled upon an energy beverage invented by a pre med college student in his dorm room. The name of this drink is “NERD Energy Beverage“.

(No, I am not getting paid to write this. I actually found this product on my own and felt like sharing it because I honestly feel this beverage is going to be extremely popular on college campuses very soon)

What is it?

Get this, the CEO and creator was very busy with school, work and studying for the MCAT, so naturally, he was a Red Bull drinker. That’s when he came up with this idea. He approached his Organic Chemistry professor and asked him to order some very powerful focus and memory enhancers. He basically took the energy mix from red bull and added a memory and focus formula. Boom – genius.

I personally researched the main ingredients, which can be found here on their website, and found that these natural ingredients are proven to be linked to brain function -however, the only way to tell if it works or not was to try it out.

My experience

I had a marketing project I was working on last week so I decided to try out NERD.

The only thing that matters to me when it comes to study drinks is their effectiveness. I could care less how it tastes or what the can looks like, all I want to know is how well it works.

With that being said… it works. It works really well actually. The drink has the same amount of caffeine as a Starbucks coffee, so it definitely keeps you awake. That was obvious, but what surprised me was how well it allowed me to focus.

I finished my entire project in 45 minutes. It’s like I was immune to distractions. The words flowed directly from my brain to Microsoft Word and 45 minutes later I had written a 5 page marketing report.

This is unheard of for me. I usually get distracted and take hours to complete large assignments like this one.

The best part of the experience was no crash. Because the drink has only the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, I didn’t notice a crash.

The only downside for me was the sugar content. As a health conscious individual, I try to decrease the amount of sugar I take in. An energy beverage like this one contains a good amount of sugar, but I just found out they offer a zero calorie version that contains a natural sweetener. Problem solved.

I’m interested to see if anyone has tried this drink. I know they carry it at my University but I’m not quite sure how far it’s spread yet. I know it’s growing rapidly, so keep an eye out for it. If you can’t find it in stores, you can order it on their website.

The First Focus Beverage That Includes Ingredients to Help Students Focus

NERD boosts memory, increases focus

By Joaquin Villegas

NERD is more than just a label to University of Texas-San Antonio graduate Vinicio “Otto” Montes, creator of NERD, the energy drink.

He formulated the drink in 2006 during his senior year. He is now a medical student in the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Montes said NERD is the first energy drink to have a memory-boosting blend of ingredients. The unusual mix of energy and focusing capabilities has made the drink a hit among athletes, gamers and college students all over the world.

The drink’s formula calls for traditional energy supplements, such as guarana, taurine and caffeine, among others. However, the ingredients that help enhance memory are rarer among other energy drinks.

The ingredients range from the traditional, such as Chinese gingko biloba, to the most advanced supplements such as vinpocetine, the most powerful memory-enhancer known to date.

“I was working 40-50 hours a week, taking 17 credit hours and studying for the MCAT,” Montes said, “and I needed a drink that could provide me with energy but also help my focus, not just make me bounce off the walls with energy.”

Because he couldn’t find a drink to fit that description, Montes decided to create one of his own and began to research medical journals for ingredients that helped with energy, focus and memory retention.

“My organic chemistry professors were of great help,” Montes said. “They helped me improve on the quality of the drink.”

Montes attributed his decision to go to medical school to NERD.

“If it weren’t for NERD, I would have never been able to pull all the [all]-nighters I did,” Montes said.

Noticing Montes’ unseemingly limitless focused energy, he said his friends started asking for his secret.

“I was making up to 50 bottles a week for my friends,” Montes said, “and some suggested that I should start selling it.”

NERD has become a favorite among many college students. In a blind taste trial by an independent source of over 500 students, 87.5 percent of students picked NERD over other leading energy drinks in the market like Monster, Red Bull and Rockstar.

Jack Lopez, a senior marketing major, is an avid believer in the drink.

“When I first tried NERD, it didn’t have that weird aftertaste most energy drinks have,” Lopez said, “and it really does help you retain information better when you are studying.”

Another way in which NERD helps students reach their true potential is through scholarships. The scholarships are awarded to students at UTSA. The first one was awarded in 2008. Montes wanted to give the scholarships in order to give back to the university where NERD got its start.

“NERD helped me become what I am now,” Montes said. “So I want NERD to help other students reach a higher level of learning.”

NERD is distributed by Temple Dr. Pepper Bottling and can be found at H-E-B and local gas stations.

NERD Beverage Expands Out of the South and ‘Focuses’ on Midwest

SAN ANTONIO, April 21 /PRNewswire/ — NERD Beverage Corporation has created a new category within the energy drink market by developing the first “Focus & Energy” beverage in the industry.  NERD Beverage Corp. has succeeded in creating a winner in the Texas market, and now expands across the Midwest.

“Our current goal is to take our successes that we’ve had in the South with our top tier distributors and mirror them across the Midwest.  We are very happy to have partnered with a Class A distributor like Central Beverage who has the ability to take great brands and make them a big hit in the Chicago area,” said Vin Montes, CEO of NERD Beverage Corporation.

NERD has also landed all its SKU’s in the May sets at Kum and Go stores in Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma.  “Kum and Go is a top performing c-store destination with over 450 great locations across many Midwestern states,” said Mike Ward, VP of National Sales of NERD Beverage Corporation.

NERD was originally created by a University of Texas (UTSA) college student Vin Montes in order to help him focus and stay awake while studying late nights at the library.  The beverage proved successful when he was later accepted into medical school.  Before attending medical school Montes began selling NERD from the back of his pickup truck to local convenience stores and around campus in order to supply the demand NERD had created.  Montes was granted an indefinite leave of absence after his first year of medical school in order to serve as NERD’s CEO.  ”I created NERD to help me get to a higher level of education, I plan to share NERD with all college students in order for NERD to help them as it did me,” said Montes.

NERD Beverage Corporation is a pioneer in the beverage industry because it has created a new category within the energy drink market the “Focus and Energy” category.  NERD’s formula contains four effective focus/memory enhancers (Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, DMAE, and Chinese Ginkgo Biloba) mixed with a strong energy blend.  NERD Beverage Corp. engages in the development, marketing, sale and distribution of NERD beverages in the United States and internationally.  NERD Beverage Corporation was founded in San Antonio, TX in 2006, please visit our website for details

SOURCE NERD Beverage Corp.


2009 was another highly active and popular year for energy drinks.

The alcohol-mixer scene is exploding, health science seems to have found its home in the new fast-rising functional beverage category, the organic/natural push is stronger than ever, Chaser 5-Hour has attained legendary status, and creative innovation looks to be at an all-time high.

Energy Fiend has looked back on the year, and selected some major energy drink highlights for your reading pleasure.
Tongue’s Best Friend: NERD

To quote back to my review: “It’s Mountain Dew, it’s green Hi-C, at times it could be neither of them. It’s the 21st Century ambrosia.” Reflecting back on the all the energy drinks released this year, we honestly cannot think of a better tasting energy drink than NERD.
Eye Candy: Rubyy

Rubyy has to be seen in person to truly appreciate its beauty. The construction, design, feel and artwork that one experiences when holding Rubyy just scream quality and prestige. Even better, the artwork reacts to ultraviolet light.
Best Effort: Guayaki

Although their drinks may not be the tastiest or most effective out there, Guayaki put an astonishing amount of work into making sure their products leave the tiniest of footprints on our planet and ecosystem. Not only are their drinks entirely organic and natural, but they go as far as donating portions of their profit to eco-friendly causes and even utilizing special economical shipping packages.
Most Innovative: Bull Tonik

2009 was the year of innovation for the energy drink market, making this a tough decision. Amidst caffeinated nuts, chips, syrups, soap bars, and all the other directions pursued by innovators, Bull Tonik cranked out a great product with their effervescent tabs. Not only is the idea a first in the market, but Bull Tonik actually executed on the idea near-flawlessly.
Most Creative: Harcos

At first, we were ready to give this award to Blood Potion. Then we thought, no how about Mana Potion! No, Health Potion! Heck, let’s just admit it; Harcos, the company behind all of these products, has a seriously over-developed right brain.
Best Performer: NERD

Rising from the shadows cast by the likes of Wired X: B12 Rush, Fixx Extreme Ultra Shot, and Spike Shooter is the undeniably useful energy offered by NERD. Unlike those big names known for overloading your neurons, NERD treats you to a truckload of productive energy. Drink a can of NERD and be prepared to perform miracles.
Best Shot: .357 Magnum

This is the first shot that miraculously struck a balance between B-vitamins and caffeine. Chaser 5-Hour is great, but it (and the plethora of copycat B-vitamin shots out there) has one flaw: low caffeine content. .357 Magnum saw this shortcoming and corrected. The result? A fast-hitting boost that smoothly fades into a natural long-lasting aferburn.
Back to the Drawing Board: Cheetah Power Surge

Cheetah was the most disappointing “energy” drink to hit the Energy Fiend blog. The drink has all the looks of a legit energy drink with a regal cheetah commanding the label and multiple energy benefit claims. Much to our confusion, though, there is not one ingredient in the drink known to deliver energy (which, consequently, leaves the drink with zero power). It doesn’t even taste good. Ya, we’re stumped too.
Most Perplexing: Big Cock

This drink could have won many awards; Funniest Name, Most Sexually Suggestive, Most Bought Drink as a gag gift for your friends…etc… It’s called Big Cock. Right there on the label in big letters. Big Cock. Enough said.
CopyCat: 4Kick

Their outrageous PR statements will attempt to tell you otherwise, but 4KICK energy drink is the biggest rip-off of the year, having far too many genomes in common with Red Bull.
Brightest Future: Rip-It

Rip-It came out of nowhere swinging hard, and there seems to be not stopping them. Innovation is still relentlessly carrying on and it’s becoming harder and harder to see a beverage cooler not stocking Rip-It. If they stay true to their superb price-points, there’s no stopping Rip-It from finding itself rubbing shoulders with the likes of Monster and Rockstar.
Most unique experience: Neuro Bliss

We don’t know how Neuro did it, but they managed to bottle happiness. Bliss jumpstarts your endorphins, plasters a healthy smile on your face, and buffs up your self esteem in just minutes time. It’s something you just have to experience for yourself!
Made its own category: Fixx Extreme Ultra Shot Packet

Fixx went ahead and redefined the upper limits of the energy drink market. Extreme Ultra Shot is hardly practical on almost every account, and is guaranteed to shove your innocent reality into a supercharged woodchipper. I keep a packet in my glove box to put in the gas tank whenever the car won’t start.
2009’s Very Best: Rockstar Punched Guava

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: This drink is an untouchable contender for the best energy drink of all time. Taken together, the flavor, energy, packaging, and value of Rockstar Punched Guava make it a bonafide, full-blooded energy drink. To everyone reading this article: your energy drink lifestyle is not whole until you have consumed a bottle of Rockstar Punched (NOT Juiced) Guava.

Written by Dusty Smith

Nerd: Focus Beverage

Yes, it’s true – sometimes the energy product samples shipped to me come with promotional gifts.

Undoubtedly, the companies are banking on humanity’s kryptonite: reciprocity, to influence my review of their product.

All the manufacturers out there ready to send me some product with a gift, cover your eyes for this sentence because I do enjoy them: the gifts do absolutely nothing to sway my opinion on a product!

Now, where am I going with this? Well a company actually did send me a gift that put me deep in their debt. I’ve enjoyed this gift so immensely that I urge you all to buy NERD Focus drinks to support the company. Here’s the thing: this gift was their product. One of the most enjoyable energy drinks I’ve ever laid hands on. This is why I am in debt to them.


Mouth to can, liquid to tongue, aggressive and articulate. Mouth closed, liquid dispersed, bright and crisp. Throat swallows, liquid evacuates, balanced and smooth. It’s Mountain Dew, it’s green Hi-C, at times it could be neither of them. It’s the 21st Century ambrosia.


Seriously, I have no idea where to start. Might as well begin with what I know: 120mg caffeine, ~35mg guarana, and over 100% of each your DV’s of B-vitamins 2, 3, 6, and 12. Now for the uh, more involved part.

Every single one of the following ingredients is meant specifically to “enhance brain focus and memory retention capabilities”. This is actually the whole point of this drink, to focus that wily conscious of yours. Here they are, take them for what you please: vinpocetine, huperzine a, DMAE, and Chinese gingko biloba. Confused? Go see your friendly neighborhood Google search box.


Down this drink and its barrage of sensations will toss you into a whirlwind of focused productivity. Not tweak your face off energy. After downing my first can I cured goose bumps, synthesized an environmentally friendly alternative to WD-40 out of vegetable oil and dish soap, and bicycled to the Grand Canyon just to jump off it using a glider I knitted from a ball of steel wool. Jitters or crash? Fogettaboutit!


What, do I have to spell it out for you? This is possibly one of the best Cognitive drinks on the market. In my view, it’s tied with Rockstar Punched Guava for best. drink. ever.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

UTSA graduate creates smart focus drink

By Miranda Koerner – Staff Writer

After struggling to stay awake for his medical school studies after working a full-time job, UTSA graduate Vinicio Montes got the idea to create an energy drink focused on memory retention. After about six months of trial and error, Montes created Nerd in his kitchen.

He named it Nerd to underline the drink’s goal of making students focus and because “nerds are smart.”

“I was taking 17 college credits at UTSA and studying for the MCAT (medical school entrance exam) and working 40-50 hours a week at the hospital,” Montes said. “I was up till 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. in the morning studying. There wasn’t a beverage out there based on focus. I needed something to help me focus and give me energy. It’s exactly what students need – and exactly what I needed.”

After researching the best ingredients for energy and focus, Montes contacted an organic chemistry professor for help refining his ingredient choices.

Montes’ goal was not only to create an energy drink that would help him study and retain the knowledge, but to make sure it tasted good. According to Montes, a blind taste trial with 500 college students led to 87.5 percent choosing Nerd over Rock Star, Red Bull and Monster.

“It has a better taste than all the rest of energy drinks,” Montes said. “It has no aftertaste. When I first started to make it, I hated the way energy drinks taste. I wanted it to taste like something I would like.”

Nerd contains Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, DMAE and the Chinese herb Gingko biloba to increase mental alertness, acuity and focus while enhancing memory function and retention. To provide an energy boost, Nerd also contains caffeine, taurine, vitamin B and other plant extracts. For a full list of ingredients, visit Montes’ Web site. Montes also worked hard to make sure that Nerd provided long-lasting energy, rather than a quick fix.

“I tried to find the most powerful root extracts out there,” Montes said. “It came down to reading the research journals and seeing which one was the most effective. In Nerd, when the energy ingredients wear off, the memory and focus ingredients kick in. It doesn’t allow you to crash. You’ll feel more focused along with the energy.”

Since May 2007, Nerd has sold nearly 1 million cans. Currently, Nerd is distributed only in Texas through Valero corner stores and H-E-B. However, Montes hopes to find a larger distributor to bring Nerd to students outside Texas. He is currently taking a leave of absence from medical school to run the company full time.



It’s Monday morning.  This is a double whammy for me because I hate Monday’s and I am not a morning person.  So let’s take on a drink that is not only advertised to give energy but it also promotes focus.  Let’s see what NERD brings to the table.

The Look: I like the colors they used here on the can.   The have a mostly black can with a neon green and white color scheme that really go together well.  Underneath the brand name of NERD we get a pretty cool image of a piece of the can being torn back to reveal a brain inside.  On the opposing side of the can there is the usual nutritional information as well as a short passage about NERD.   Also on the can they have included a pretty cool break down of some of the ingredients not commonly used in energy drinks.
(9 out of 10)

Taste: I really wish I could describe the exact flavor of this.  There has a citrus base to it almost like Mountain Dew mixed with a bit of candy lime flavoring.  It is very sweet without being overly sweet.  I found this drink to be quite tasty but I am also a huge fan of lime.
(9 out of 10)

Does It Work: What ingredients power this tasty concoction?  First we have the usual stuff:  vitamin b2, vitamin b3, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, taurine, caffeine, ginseng, guarana, and a few other traditional energy ingredients.  Then they add their “focus, concentration, and memory formula.  This consist of vinpocetine, huperzine A, DMAE, and Chinese gingko biloba.  After drinking down one of these this morning, the caffeine started to do it’s trick by waking me up slowly.  Next I started to noticed a very nice mental focus.  I was able to complete task at work very quickly and without much thought.  I had a call from IT and I was able to carry on a conversation with them and continue my other work without any problems.  I am pretty amazed by the effects of this drink, I had my doubts at first but they were quickly vanquished.
(9 out of 10) on overall performance

Overall Thoughts: I was pretty skeptical of this drink at first and I thought it was just some gimmick.  My doubts have all been put aside after trying one.  NERD has a great taste, a pretty cool can, and a very unique energy blend that works.  These would be great for work or school where you want a nice energy boost with the added benefit of the focus this drink gives.  You can find out more about the product at their website located at: NERD.  They also have a sugar free version of this drink which I hope to be able to get a hold of for review soon.  This drink gets my approval and I highly suggest you find one and try it for yourself.